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Needless to say, the solution to all of these problems involves a whole lot of violence, as befits the latest and greatest entry in the extraordinarily popular GTA series of games.Given that Rockstar created a massive game world in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, with only a year’s worth of development time between that game and Grand Theft Auto III, it should come as no surprise that the world of GTA: San Andreas, with two years of development soaked into it, is one of the biggest worlds ever modeled in an action game.If you can nail a shot directly on a car’s gas panel, it should blow instantaneously.Since this is nearly impossible to do on a moving target (let alone during a drive-by), this is really more of a party trick than anything else.Of course, different vehicles will handle in different ways, so try as many of them as possible and build an internal reference so that you’ll know which ones to avoid when you have to get away from the cops.Although the cops don’t seem to use spike strips in San Andreas, as they so annoyingly did in Vice City, you can still get your tires shot out by the police, or anyone else that’s shooting at you, for that matter.Some vehicles are more impacted by this than others, but it’ll always impact your maneuverability; visit the Pay N Spray if you want to repair the tire.

There are also some occasions where you’ll just get jacked out of the blue, usually while you’re in a bad part of town, so keep an eye out for people running to your driver’s side door and floor it if you spot anyone.

Instead of focus on a mere state, Rockstar has enlarged their focus, this time choosing to model an entire state, with three separate cities and a huge amount of countryside to explore.

Everything is bigger and better in San Andreas, so get exploring!

Drive-By: After you obtain a machine pistol, such as an Uzi, you’ll be able to use a car to perform a drive-by.

When you’re near a target, drive slowly past it and hit the R2 or L2 button to point your gun out the window, then use the circle button to fire.

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- Post You Tube and Sound Cloud clips in chatrooms so everyone can watch and listen together.

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Their entire experience is quite pleasant and desirable, but there were still a few minor drawbacks that I noticed., which could be a detail that’s an issue for some people.

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The success of these age-gap romantic relationships may be attributed to the vitality the younger man brings into their lives and the maturity and confidence men find in their older counterparts.