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I could be wrong,but I think that I already know what her answer would be :' I'm not interested'. My point, which is entirely valid, is that Emily on Hegre is the best and sadly the recent films with Ariel makes it certain that Emily would shine in such scenarios (with either a male or female partner, or none at all). Emily has said time and time and time again - I can go on here - that she no longer works for Hegre and has no further intention to. She has said this many times to the point where she has got quite upset at it and the stalkerish behaviour of some "fans". She is still posing nude and sharing her fantastic body. With respect, I'm almost certain that would love to make some new photograph sets and films of Emily Bloom - nude photo studies,orgasmic massages films and other things along similar lines with what she did with Serena L,etc.

The only point from my side is that both Hegre and Emily must work something out so that we get a few more (the same number as with Ariel?! She has her own website and is happy to appear for other sites e.g. For me and the people that genuinely like her and her work, this is enough. The point is that Hegre must realize that there is no one who could replace Emily. The question is this: Would Emily Bloom do some or all of the above new material for Petter Hegre......for any other studio? So alright, Emily might do some nude photograph sets and films showing her beautiful and delicious body,for Playboy Plus, Holly Randall, ,etc - and she definitely will do this kind of softcore teasing-titilating-token stuff for her own website The Emily .

It is excruciating to see all of the photos and films and massages of Ariel (she is good, no doubt) and not feel pangs of pain at Emily not being featured in similar ones. What he must do therefore, is to make a great offer to Emily - tons of photosets that keep coming for long, and AT LEAST a dozen films and dozen massages. But,as several of us have already pointed out, Emily has almost certainly stopped doing explicit sexual and orgasmic films,apart from masturbating herself to orgasms on her profiles.myfreecams.com/Emily Bloom shows.

Many scenarios can be explored - such as Extreme Restrains Part 2, 16 hands massage part 2, etc. Of course, experiments out of the comfort zone would be welcome too. Furthermore,her guest models on her own website The Emily Ariel, Red Fox, Heidi Romanova-Vanessa, Malena Fendi-Black Cherry and other models - many of whom have done explicit and orgasmic stuff on other websites - don't do this kind of stuff on Emily's website: They do what Emily does - softcore teasing-titilating-token stuff........

Such films and massages would be the greatest aesthetic achievements in the universe.

On behalf of millions of Emily fans, do accept this request. Hello French Guest : DI think that you will be proved right:-Emily's profiles.myfreecams.com/Emily Bloom website,and possibly some other partsor all of the My Free Cams network?

,has been having technical and reliability problems.

You say QUOTE The only point from my side is that both Hegre and Emily must work something out so that we get a few more (the same number as with Ariel?! Why don't you Direct Message Emily on her Twitter Account and politely ask her to do the films that you would like her to do. I have never been disrespectful in any way nor have I ever suggested Emily to perform something she doesn't want to. It is as if she has no say in what she does at all.

And the same applies to none-Yonitale models such as Deanna Greene and Michelle Jean Clark.

It could be that Emily does not want to be associated with explicit and orgasmic material on her own website - at least at present.

So quit being bitter and either move on if you're not happy with what I'm doing, or jerk off quietly. Not entirely she still shoots stuff for her own site plus there is still a chance for her to work with Playboy Plus again but as far as other sites go she doesn't work for them anymore. She has her own website, and there will be plenty of good solo stuff there. She is very active on Twitter and is very friendly, and will answer any reasonably question from fans.

Met Art might still have one or two unreleased sets of her though. The sets (except a few unnecessarily experimental), the films, the massages, all make your heart skip a bit. She's not going to work with Hegre, and is not going to do any b/g stuff - she is probably bored of these questions.

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The Song-Song couple, as they are known in South Korea, paired off as a soldier and a doctor in a war-torn fictional land in last year's hit romance Descendants Of The Sun.

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No one will be forgetting his contract any time soon, especially his buddy-in-chief, Charles Wang.

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The program was put on hold in September 2016 — just as he was scheduled to report for training — sparking fear in Rafeeq and across the recruit population that their path to citizenship would abruptly end. He faced a decision: wait for the Pentagon’s bureaucracy to untangle itself as the Trump administration seeks to expand deportation powers, or flee. On June 11, Rafeeq went to Vancouver to apply for asylum in Canada.

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You also have to realize that being attracted to dark-skinned girls doesn’t mean that you’re a racist.