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I would never be high for those." You stopped smoking during your pregnancies—did you experience any withdrawal symptoms? First of all, I don't want the smoke in the bedroom and my husband is an athlete, and he doesn't want to inhale secondhand smoke. In the warmer weather I like to keep it out of the house—I want it to smell clean. In the winter, I'll put my hand up the fireplace chimney to help it go up and away. Oh, another place I like to smoke in is my kayak." Wait, stop. "I have one near my house because I live fairly close to the water.

"I didn't take any risks during pregnancy—if there had been anything wrong with the baby, I would've been mortified. When I take a little break these days—as I did recently on a trip to Ireland—I don't feel any physical craving, but the first night or two, it was more difficult to get to sleep. At the end of the day when I get it in the water, smoking is my reward.

This lasts for another five or six days and then it goes away. My oldest one didn't start until college, and I suppose when he came back, I might've offered him some. " and I say, 'Yes, I really am.'" What do you typically like to do high—you know, besides kayaking? For most of my books, I've started those writing sessions high. "I've had the same dealer for 35 years who deals out of the same tiny, scruffy apartment he's been in for even longer than that.

But that always happens." Big question (sorta): Have you ever smoked with your kids? But with my younger sons, they were smoking a little bit earlier. I didn't want them raising their hands telling their teachers that I smoked pot. We've been good buddies, and everyone who goes there has a key—that's the only way you can get in there. He's the most careful person I know, which is why he's been able to maintain his business for so long.

In terms of growing up, I didn't feel like I was rebelling.

I was simply doing what the most forward people in my generation at that time were doing." What's your smoking habit like now? It's extremely relaxing and there's a mild euphoric feeling.

From the stench of Tabacco on their skin, hair and clothes, wrinkled skin, yellow fingernails, deep hoarse voice and sickening "smokers" cough, I was repulsed.Then we went into a bar, and suddenly, I did feel it.What I really felt first was the most amazing hunger I had ever had in my life, which I thought was hilarious because I had just had dinner. We ordered a hamburger—at least I did—and it was the best food I ever had in my life." How did your upbringing affect your outlook on weed? My father was great too—he was a social activist—but they got divorced when I was three. We lived in Greenwich Village, we had a great time, and they were left-wing. They never really got into it even when I tried to convince them later on in my 20s and 30s.I didn't think my ounce or two every couple of months was doing that, but it did make me think.I try to be an ethical consumer, and from now on, I might buy more expensive strains that are grown in America and freed from that particular taint." Do you have any crazy, weird weed stories?

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Tinder has expanded beyond just an app and you can now view people’s profiles on your computer.

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Some blame the inherited Anglo-Saxon reserve along with the natural awkwardness from living in a small country where everyone is someone else’s ex, sibling, room mate or colleague.

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In fact, it is an online activity that has been appreciated several times all around the world.