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Tell the (female preferably) doctor that she is probably/definitely (depending on what she admits to) sexually active, and your daughter can be in the exam without you.

An exam and maybe hormonal birth control is probably what should happen next.

Since then, he has driven their coed group of friends around town to movies and such on occasion for some months now.

This whole time, Ive been constantly asking why is a 25 year old guy ok with hanging out with a group of 17-18 year olds? But Daughter said that Guy doesnt drink and all his friends do, and he doesnt like to hang out with a bunch of drunk people. By now, Ive met Guy a few times and he actually seems like a nice person. Her dad and I (We are divorced, but try to keep a united front in the raising of the kids) found out they have been dating for a while and are possibly having sex.

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Conversely, I dont want to treat the situation too lightly. You can piss her off for the next six months trying to prevent something she will do anyways, or you can realize there is nothing much you can do, there is not that much of an age difference and she's not a little kid anymore.Trust your daughter's opionions, but talk to her to make sure she knows you're there for her and that she needs to should stay strong. I'd try to find out what this guy's other friends are like. Ditto on I don't think that anything you do or say will change her mind toward him, but will drive her away from you.You want to make sure that her relationship with him doesn't derail her future college plans.As for The Guy, if he comes around treat him with respect, but I wouldn't be afraid to tell him you don't approve, and think he acted very unwisely in persuing her and that you hope she grows out of this phase. On the minus, even the smartest, most mature teenage girls in the world have been known to just equate age with authority and let themselves be pressured or abused by older boyfriends just because 'I really want him to like me, and he thinks I'm so mature.' The lying? And you might also ask her how she would feel about a male (or female, I guess) friend her own age dating a 12- or 13-year old (not the same difference in years, but IMHO you change just as much in those years as you do in your late teens and your twenties). You said your daughter is smart and has a good head on her shoulders and that the guy doesn't come off as a sleeze.I doubt that he'll treat her worse than a 18-19 year old guy would. This may color my answer, but I do think I was at a place where I could treat her like a real and valuable person much better that when I was younger and more insecure. My personal hunch is that however "mature" your daughter finds this guy, he's personally emotionally immature enough that he feels more comfortable being the big guy around teenagers than to be around peers his own age. They are probably relying on luck right now, and the last thing you/they need is a pregnancy.

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Don't speak negatively about the person you are dating to anyone, including your friends.

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Some may become bitter and resentful, feeling as though they’re being cheated of something that they’re rightfully “owed”.

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Players' enjoyment of games depended on whether the games made them feel competent and independent, and, in the case of multiplayer games, connected to other players.

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Samples returned from the Apollo and Luna missions revealed ages between 4.4 and 4.5 billion years, helping to constrain the age of Earth.

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No.(604) 685-1619/(604) 685-7645 Urgent Call: (604) 653-5858 Fax No.(604) 685-9945 Email: [email protected]: Office Hours: am- pm (Monday-Friday) am- pm (every last Friday of each month) First Option: consular outreach program of the consulate general in other provinces Check the announcement for updates of the outreach in Manitoba and Saskatchewan and list of passport applicants with confirmed appointments.