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Really, I hadn't seen [Nolan] since he and I had recorded years before," he began. The show is available now on Vimeo on Demand, with three new episodes added every Wednesday.

Y'all are making some weird changes, we're gonna leave'.

And it was ultimately a love story, a , Jackie Gleason’s performance and Sally Field’s; she was amazing.

[Note: Spoilers follow in the next paragraph] Yeah, I don’t know! Because you’re also saying — there’s a line in there that kind of gets covered up, but I say, “We gotta hide all the sharp objects! ” — you’re saying stupid s***, but if you believe it, I guess, that’s the trick. I think it’s the audience; as they’re watching, you know, how would you actually react in that situation? I just got excited about doing a comedy that had such high stakes with a director that wanted to play it real. That’s too convenient; you guys are being convenient.” I think we did a good job of staying away from that as much as possible.

No, it’s not Keystone Kops; he does have Keystone Kops moments, but it’s… They were really popular at one time, with like Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn. And Austin Pendleton, a young Austin Pendleton, who’s hysterical. My only understanding of Barbra Streisand was sort of this, what I’d seen of her peripherally; she always seems to be singing in some concert venue with a lot of scarves on or something. It starts out, he’s with his friends, and [speaking in a British accent] they’re all talking, out there at the restaurant, and he’s like, “Yeah, I’ll get the chicken thing.” “What chicken thing? He has a line in there, talking about Sally Field, who runs off, and she’s a dancer, and he says, “That’s what you get for poontangin’ around with a bunch of hippie show folk.” [laughs] That is the quality of stuff he’s doing in that movie; it’s just so brilliant. How does someone who’s played as many varied roles as you have go about choosing his material? Something that people didn’t like — and some people still don’t like — about that movie was the choice of music, the way they used music in that movie.

This better not be that f***ing little Ghandi motherf***er coming in, scaring Ray Winstone.” And right after the first scene with him, he’s just riding in the car silently; he’s just quiet. It’s also a good snapshot of America when being a truck driver was cool. He has his own f***ing entrance music; every time he shows up, they’ve got this tuba playing, he’s there on the scene, and he’s doing his schtick, doing the best stuff.

The film, in which a couple of backwoods hayseeds on vacation are mistaken for murderous psychopaths, generated quite a bit of positive early buzz and has already been stamped Certified Fresh, and though it opens theatrically this week in limited release, it’s already available via video on demand. It’s Bob Fosse directing a movie about himself; he changed the name to Joe Gideon from Bob Fosse. That would be my, I have to say, overall all-time favorite. And [the latter is] what he wanted, and that’s what I wanted.

RT was recently afforded the opportunity to speak with Tudyk, who absolutely gushed about his Five Favorite Films and went on to discuss his role as Tucker, his fear of horror movies, and his experience hanging out with pirates for a day. So he’s directing a movie about a musical choreographer/director who takes too many pills, sleeps with too many women, drinks too much; he’s a moviemaker who’s editing a movie while he’s doing a play and having hallucinations with musicals. He’s a pretty despicable guy in the movie — I mean, he sleeps around on his girlfriend — but you love him. So, I think, after that conversation, I was in Calgary within four or five days. There was somebody else playing Tucker who had made an agreement to do that early on and said, “I’ll do it,” and then two weeks before production said, “What do you mean? ” Your Five Favorite Films notwithstanding, were you ever a big genre movie guy? There was this terrible horror comedy that I loved that I found at a Blockbuster when I was young. I did love this movie because I rented it again and again, and it was a horror comedy.

I was such a huge fan of Gene Wilder when I was growing up that I even used to try to do… I did a movie called , and I’m in rehab, and we’re in a circle talking about our feelings, and the script said, “She calls on Gerhardt, but he’s crying and he can’t respond,” and she says, “Okay, we’ll come back to you.” And so it came out. Don’s coming.” And then you see him basically sh** his pants, like, “Don? Honestly, the first time I read it, I didn’t get it. If they cut that pirate, this is a good script.” [laughs] That’s actually what I said, and my agent said, “I really want you to read it again.” I read it again, and I got it, and when we did the improv portion of the audition, I embraced it and found it just so bizarre. So what was your initial reaction when you first read the script? We’re going to kill people in this.” And I loved the moment. They would go get the cops,” and then they’re like, “You go get the cops,” and I thought, “Oh, cool.

He would say things like: [mumbles incoherently], like that, and it made me laugh so hard when he would do that, that I would try to put it in movies when I started acting. ” And then the friend comes in like, “Ah sh**, just leave it outside.” And they go, “We have something to tell you. Alan Tudyk: I guess it’s just reading the script, and it being interesting. But when I read that script, it was like, “1437, jousting, the sound of Queen’s , I mean, that’s just crazy. They can’t support this, because there’s going to come a point when it’s going to be too unrealistic to be believed, to be misunderstood as these killers.” And I’m reading it, and I’m like, “The cops!

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