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I was a bit dubious about the film for the first ten minutes but as soon as he was in the store I really started to enjoy the film.

It shows how a positive attitude can change anything.

That audition I did in the house, my husband taping me. Sometimes, you know, kids get tired and blah, blah, blah and I would say, “Shh, shut up!

When I was shooting I just talked with people, because I didn’t have time to have classes after the shoot.

Paz Vega married Orson Salazar " data-medium-file="https://i1com/popify.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Paz-Vega-married-Orson-Salazar.jpg? The mood and the crew on set was always great, because this movie is a comedy and all the cast, they are very funny. I had the opportunity to meet many women from Mexico, living here for 13 years, she doesn’t speak English. But I think here, for example in LA, the minority is very big. It’s normal that people everyday talk to Spanish speakers because there is a lot. With Adam the work was funny, really, really funny. The interesting thing is to mix this culture with another culture and not cut things out. For the first six years, she stayed with all Latins. The actor chats her up, and when her shift ends, he asks for a ride. At a press appearance before a screening at The Paramount Thearer in Charlottesville, Virginia, to WMRA radio's Terry Ward, Morgan Freeman said that this film fit right in with his own personal hope to shed his image as someone usually so heavy with gravitas.In the course of the afternoon, he helps her prepare for a job interview. See more » When they are sitting on the car hood eating their roast beef sandwiches and the camera moves back and forth between Him and Scarlet, you can see that Him's arm in on his lap one moment (when looking from behind Him) and then he is leaning on the car the next (when looking from behind Scarlet). See more » A great, funny, sweet movie with Morgan Freeman (who plays himself) and who meets a Spanish girl named Scarlet (Paz Vega) at a small store whilst researching a potential independent film.

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You will be given a key to the main house so please feel comfortable enough to come in and use the facilities.

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