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And a 6" oval dynamic speaker makes it sound like you're sitting in the middle of a broadcast. For 5.00" (CLICK) This has been a recorded message. You just don't argue about the taste of White Horse. Is this what Ameri- ca wants] Isn't there -some wav to tin ii Vieinam back to the Vietnamese — and lei them shape (heir own destiny, with- out out interference? I hev brand us COWaitls and cite their own heroic j K-rlot mances an previous wars as exam- ples. Also available with Great Books are the handsome 10-volume reading plans. You will receive a futl-coloi\ /6-page booklet describing the Great Hooks in detail. GREAT BOOKS III 0/ tyjllil r ■ — and mail N nri gkeat ostcarcl no! No such luck: Two days later came another card, reading, "II the Cubans live- in Cuba, why don*i i he German! " And then a third: "II the people of Eng- laild are the Kuglish, why don't the people* ol New /caland (all themselves the New Zealish T And a fourth: "If a Ilelgiau is from liclgium. " And yet a fifth: "Since France is the home of the French, it stands to reason that Greed- should be the home of the Greech." We're waiting for our next note — from [apal or Portugal). Hiding ilint as n result, legitimate aiithio|»ological research has been se- verely handicapped.

Each tape holds up to two hours of music, fun, business, or whatever. ( Fast forward or reverse.) Or you can erase and record something else on the same tape over and over again. w Not one, but two powerful antennas really pull in the stations. I he "feasible course of anion" thai he outlines obviouily results from a great depth ol understanding — yei there teems to be in Galbraith't proposal lor a "hroadly defensive strategy" die sugges- tion thai American Aimed forces may liavc 10 occupy some areas ol Vietnam lor decades 10 come. The older generation some- how equates this war with the Korean toullici 01 W'oild War I wo. Please send check or money order to: Playboy Products, The Playboy Building. I n minutes, the Syntopicon enables you to look up any idea in the (ireat Books and find what each of the great thinkers thought about it. " Why not, in- deed, we asked ourself, depositing the missive in our oiled-walnut circular hie and hoping thai the subject was closed. A weighty re|Hrt recently published by die American Authrofxdogical Association states that in many parts of the world American anthropologists aic suspected 146 / tell you. Mount Rushmoie mil be forgotten/' ol being lpi& "There is mimic basis d»r these suspicions and Ixliefs." die report notes .

Or, with an optional mike, you am record from any outside sound source. It can run off the car batten' or its own batteries. ii Imthei attempts ill negotiation need not iiecesarih be futile should be preached more widely 10 ihe American people. I refuse to die in a distant jungle just for ihe sake ol satisfying the theories of my elders. L nlike a dictionary that indexes tacts, the Syntopicon indexes ideas — every one of the thousands of topics anti subtopics within the Great Books. While such a gambit is undoubtedly very useful to the CIA, its cl Fcets on the aeaelemic discipline in- volved are somewhat less salubrious.

ol ;in issue replete with fusi run liteiaiv and pictorial Icatuics. AYiiov lor presenting John Kenneth (iallnaiih's ai tide In your excellent December issue. North Carolina John Kenneth Galbraiih's essay He- \ohhif Out Vietnam Predicament was like a told beer after a very long walk in the desert. AUAMTA OA ,o:o S U|.|m o n Ball Durham says 10 Bull Durham Filters are rolled thicker to smoke slower. Fashioned of finest zephyr wool, double knit for twice the good looks. "Perhaps the nimble-fingered I Stfa Century chap who invented the gadget made his primary mistake when he called it a paper c lip. Please send me a FREE copy ot your 60 age Master catalog I am interested In: j VOLVO H JAGUAR Q ALFA VOLKSWAGEN [j SUNBEAM- MG j MERCEDES 1 AUSTIN , Sl MCA PEUGEOT "PORSCHE I RENAULT j TRIUMPH 3 ROVER OBMW Nemet Aulo iniemalionai r9 * 153 03 Hillside Ave , Jamaica. Please tend me a FREE copy ol your 60 page Master catalor I am interested in j VOLVO □ JAGUAR Q ALFA VOLKSWAGEN r SUNBEAM*™ MG MERCEDES " AUSTIN h Sl MCA PEUGEOT ' PORSCHE RENAULT TRIUMPH □ ROVER □ BMW Name ■ Name Rank Address Address Approi. Date & Place of Delivery Nemet Aulo International ' ' 153 03 Hillside Ave., Jamaica. Please send mt a FREE copy ol your 60 page Master catalog: I am interested In: [j V01V0 n JAGUAR n ALFA " VOLKSWAGEN " SUNBEAM"" MG Mf RCEOES PAUSTIN P SIMCA PEUGEOT 1 PORSCHE h RENAULT TRIUMPH 1 ROVER fj BMW Nemet Auto International 153 03 Hillside Ave.. EOT TRIUMPH Nia i Rjnk Name SUNBEAM MG AUSTIN n SIMCA PORSCHE M RENAULT ROVER Ofl MW Rank Address Address Approi. Date ft Place ol Delivery When Lord Bath drinks Scotch, he drinks Ballantine's. Renowned throughout the world by people who know great Scotch. I he insltuctor subsequently learned that the CIA had assigned the HUdent to check on the instructors leel- iiia .ibfuit the wai in Vietnam. A loimet Ivv League stu- dent who is now a journalist parlayed his Impeccable credentials in the Voting Re- publican Organization — which the CIA seems to regard as "safe"— into a jaunt to Elll Ote and then into a free trip around the WOr U.

"Mis thinking is oltcn tight •md burning, leading to casualties." a Icllow ciitic said ol Kenneth Tynan when the London ohwun lem him to The New Yotket (or two seasons a while back. The Rus- sians see the Chinese as reckless in the face ol American power. scientists have critic i/ed lor irrespousihlc scientific speculation concerning UFOs. While dust particular Ux's arc nowadays hard- ly moie than names out of the history hooks, the lories thai once engaged them in battle ate still emphatically alive. tried to extend the intelligence operation to en- compass the eight Western states in the Sixth Annv area. Perhaps they're intimidated by the steep purchase price, or jwrhaps the converti- bles just seem too complicated. they're no more complicated than Stocks, The popohn convertible bonds are sold on the New York and American Stock I xt hanges. The bioker's commission on each -I nun bond \% a flat Vf.50 — a not In i nice plus.

Ihe casualties in Often t Jttte S to an Amriuan Liberal, his highly controversial hackle raiset in this issue, are ihe American liheials who have allowed themselves the luxuiv ol silence as the Illinois ol the Vietnam war have multi- plicd. the New Yoik lawyer and writer responsible lor this mouth's eloeunienlaiy expose ol Sfne\ on (.niiifms, vviote an article titled The In f Of mr i \ loi a libeial jouinal and WHI SWlttlpcd with tepoiis I10111 academe — undents and piolcssois alike — who had lieeii spied oil by tithn siudeuis and pto- I esv us. ©I course, much more is involved than is covered hy these simple sememes. My own extensive studies ol UFOs (see The World of flying Saucers by Mc-n/el and Boyd) have included full access lo \ii Force files. In fact, campus demonstrations, student antiwar activities and big-city racial clis- tuibauces have made them more robust than ever. Chicago and New York City — to name a lew — |xhcc Ixnlies, have taken it upon themselves to watch leftist opinions and assoc iatious. Bonds don't lit fit Mintl) m-II ai 51000 each, ol tout sr.

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H[R ANY S |H It Aftl Tf Ctf ACCH THE f EOFl C ANO FLACIS IH THC rt CTJON ANO ii»im*ifl III ft Rfl VA All M ANT HCAt ftr r 4N0 Pi AC It 1% PUfl CLf COINCIDCNTAL CAft OITO COvftll tt^OCL »MAI0N ■ •UTl C f NO- • lit AAttft AULf 9 Ift T ALPONi O Ait Nf Qt A, * lit 1*1 III. Comparative statistics — the Stilt of inhumation that's leadily available to anv would be purchaser of stocks oi In mils — aie simply unavailable lor real estate. is one til the best pint bases the inflation hetlgei can make), only waterfront and resort piopenies an lust class hedges against creeping inflation -presumably because they are scarce anil alwavs Bailies tales faimlautl.

II the stories work, it s onh betause you Icaiu an avvlul loi about delivering a line when von ring dootliells for 30 years." Senior Kdiior Michael Laurence's sapieui and timelv advice on augmenting vout income while the buck takes a bruising — in Beating Inflation: A I'lnylmy 1'iunrt — may well prove as |mpular. It's a sad thing, but when confronted with UFO*, even a scientist forgets his own definition: "one who seeks exact knowl- edge through study and experiment." Due to unlortunatc newspaper publicity, I had looked upon nr. I he authorities have allowed FBI agents to "tune in" onlv when national securitv is at stake J • (though the FBI tends to see national security threatened more frequently than most ol us might): but local polkt tap phones louiinely, without iccotusc to Miy high-sounding justifications. The ownership of real estate has so many drawbacks that for many inflation hedgers, especially younger men who value mobility, it's just not worth the effort.

we think, as his fust bv lined aiticle in these- pages, last August's Phtpboy Ptayt tite CQinmotl Uies Market, which elicited recpiests loi an un- precedented H».t HM) plus repiims. When discovered engaging in |x»litical hugging, thev liccpicnily explain their actions in teims of some conventional |Mt)litica I offenses as chug or morals violations. Tins is not 10 WEJ that ual estate doesn't offer tremendous |kecially in productive real estate, entails consider- ably more involvement than most hcdgcis are willing to tolerate. Often it pays ncgaihl * di\ uleucls" in the loim of taxes — money the owner must cough up year after year, in pioj Mit titm to the value ol the pto|H'itv. well antl good — except that a long-tcim lease, in a period ol sleep nidation, is as uutltsii.i bit- from the landlord's point ol view* as any fixed income security.

J went on a loui ol colleges and altel each lecture asked m listeners to tell me about theii ovmi expei iences. Thomas Landoa Thorson Prolessoi ol Political Science University ol I oionto Totonlo. Louisiana CRIME STOPPERS I was inosi impressed with |ohn Bart low Marlins Decemlx'i article. After Shave, Cologne and other essentials for the lusty life. However, (lie mechanisms Willi which to express these emotions aggres- sively have evolved ai a fantastic rate. I would like to thank him and you lor bringing back such fond memories in sui h a delightlul manner. The dean ol all campus Red Squad operatives, until his recent retirement, was au inspector at Berkeley who has become something like Mr. If the tpioied piite loi a con- vertible bontl is over I Ml oi SO (thai is. ou can be fairly certain that the tomiurm stock into which the bontl is OOn VCYI ihlc has risen above the convci- sion |M»ini, I In man who buys a Imiih I whose price primarily tcllccts the value of die common stoi k itself obviously latcs tht [xissibility of a loss, should the piite ol the common decline. the bund might pav hctlet inteiest than AH equivalent amount of common ami because of the 154 e\na protection it pi o\ ides, But a Unn bet Qpecialh for the long pull, is a con- vertible bond whose common slock is sell- ing below the bond's conversion point.

I discovered lust that the iutelligeiice system in America is centered 011 campuses. Ontario RENT A RIVALRN I laughed so long over Harold Green- vvald's Love mill Hnlr in Hrnt-iti'Lnnil (im.amiov, December) that my Avis l lert/. Tin- Criminal Mentality, and I was ihodted to learn that there isn't a Fedeial research program delving into the (auses ol Crlltt C Considering how much investigating Big Brother do€S in the area ol criminal ac- tivities, it's a wonder he hasn't s|oiiaui task in the c in mil state ol Criminal study. Other animals are limited by their natu- ral equipment, hut modern man has an almost infinite Capacity lor violent sell expression — so great thai mu entire civilization is in danger. I can recall verv well how my mother tried to keep my Teddy bear in one piece after n hail sullered through snowstorms and lights. I can remember how all my friends used to see who could cover the most miles in one day — by walking the streets of Manhattan. Massac husettt SAUCERY Seldom does im.amvoy publish an arti- cle as fine as J. in Ins articles pub lisheel in The Saturday Evening Post and in playboy. Chips to a generation of Beikeley radicals, ' This affable, bald- ing gentleman," recalls one nostalgic Berkelev grad. Such bonds sell at a discount — some- times a substantial one— from then value.

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Seann William Scott now is essentially just a jacked up, slightly more subdued version of his former self – and arguably, he hasn't lost any of his charm.

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I keep getting an error 'can't find trainz asset database' something along those lines anyway, can't remember the exact wording.

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Out of the dimness opposite equals advance, always substance and increase, always sex, Always a knit of identity, always distinction, always a breed of life.

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The list of cultures in the Windows API is slightly different from the list of cultures in the . For example, the neutral culture zh-CHT "Chinese (Traditional)" with culture identifier 0x7C04 is not available in the Windows API.

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Celui qui obtiendra le maximum de votes du jury sera déclaré Best in show.

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Pull together your own winsome cooking team or we’ll put you with some new friends. It’s a good, clean and tasty way to party on a Friday night!

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The main difference, however, is that flirt chats are obviously for flirting!

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The tones were reminiscent of a muted trumpet or trombone, but with the snap and sting of downed power lines.” For some unknown reason, guitarists took to referring to the Stratocaster’s in-between pickup switch settings as “out of phase,” even though the phrase is technically incorrect, since combining two pickups in a manner that is truly out of phase electrically would produce a sound noticeably weaker and tinnier than either pickup on its own.

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Let’s see what happens.” Is Dez not caping for the cheap basketball jerseys Hero in a Half shirt?

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To ensure that the application is robust against all forms of input data, whether obtained from the user, infrastructure, external entities or database systems. This weakness leads to almost all of the major vulnerabilities in applications, such as Interpreter Injection, locale/Unicode attacks, file system attacks and buffer overflows.