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You’re either from here or you end up here because of the culture and the food and the theater.

He’s the secular saint of regular Joes—smarter, funnier, blunter, and more vulnerable than most middle-aged dads in T-shirts, and yet, still, a middle-aged dad in a T-shirt. delivers a sophisticated variation on a But with this finale, C. In the second two parts of “Pamela,” Louie and Pamela embark on a real romance, a romance that is simultaneously unique to them—Pamela moving out all of Louie’s stuff is a new sign of affection—and also grounded in dopey romantic tropes (a first kiss underneath the shooting stars). writes a speech about how a man with a TV show is “just a guy,” he contributes to the myth of himself, so upstanding he keeps humbly insisting he’s regular, which is proof positive of his irregularity.

, and catch her next Monday, March 10 alongside Rachel Dratch, Debbie Harry, Richard Kind, and more in the Celebrity Autobiography comedy show at Stage 72 (formerly the Triad Theater).

Who’s your favorite New Yorker, living or dead, real or fictional?

I make anything from whole fish to roast chicken to steak — my kids love my steak. I’m always working on salad dressing — I have this salad dressing that I’m insanely proud of and I think is the hottest shit in the world. The one that really works the best is soy sauce with balsamic, a dash of olive oil, and Dijon mustard.

I guess I think every kid should go to pre-school , because the moms need the kids to get the fuck out of the house.

K., who has Louie go the forgiving-dad route, trusting his daughter to make it through instead of adding to her angst—even though, from a certain perspective, Louie’s own screaming mother seems essential to his youthful self’s eventual righting.

’s infamous “So Did The Fat Lady,” in which an overweight woman named Vanessa (Sarah Baker) berates Louie for his double standards felt to many people—myself included—like a kind of standout event, an episode giving voice to an under-voiced character. K, who gave Vanessa a dramatic, heartfelt sermon with swooping one-take camera work, visually and tonally underlining the moment’s importance. K’s boldest decision this season, to remake Louie as a kind of creep, was in conversation with TV’s most omnipresent trend: the raging, suppressed, frequently-on-the-verge-of-violence anti-hero. K seemed to have something specific—if, again, not particularly insightful—to say about the irreducible, occasionally creepy nature of male power: namely, that it really does exist.

TVLINE | Yeah, normally I would ask you what’s coming up in Season 2, plot-wise, but this doesn’t feel like that kind of show. Because in Season 1, when Phil says, “Three people told me they loved my skirt today”? But this season, it’s less so, because I’m exploring characters that I wanted to find out more about. So we say, “Let’s have a Skype session on this day,” and if we write something, then each of us prints it out, and we read it. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen on the subway? If you could banish one person from New York forever, who would it be? Louie walks into an apartment trying to do good and is taken for a rapist. Louie rejects two smart, funny, searing women to take up with a woman he literally cannot communicate with and is free to project all over.

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Für elf Minuten, wenn der Twitter-Account von Donald Trump ausfällt.

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Vi må ha ein god balanse mellom krav og mål på den eine sida, og lokal handlefridom på den andre sida.

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Dating: Girls will never, and I stress NEVER EVER have sex on the first date and/or encounter at a disco.

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We're going to kick things off by saying yoga isn’t just a hobby for girls who wear tight pants and say “om.” (Though we're betting there will be some of those girls in your class should you venture to one to find out!