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So, when he comes back and he says, “Oh, yeah, I’m married,” it’s just married. Fiona has his heart, so it doesn’t mean anything to him. For her, putting up that barrier is her protection, but he’s already seen the future and he knows that he’s going to be with her. You see them together quite a bit, in the end, but up until that point, the two of them are apart, jumping through hoops and going through their own things, so that they can clear up their messy situations and be with each other.

What else is coming up for Steve, this season, apart from his relationship with Fiona?

We all can relate to moving around and hoping that our lives can be different, but usually the same patterns and problems come up.

He may not be stealing cars, but I think he’s into dealing drugs down there, and he gets himself into the same mess that he got himself into in Chicago, which is strictly acting off of his impulses and not thinking about what he does.

CHATWIN: I don’t know when they’re telling me the truth, and I don’t know when they’re lying.

The writer came up and said, “Yeah, you’re coming back in Episode 3, and I’m going to have you getting a BJ.” I was like, “Yeah, right!

CHATWIN: Yeah, one of the things that attracted me to the project, in the first place was getting past my own psychological barriers of being naked in front of people. I spent a bunch of time up in Big Sur at the hot springs last year.

In a way, he’s not far off from who Frank Gallagher (William H. Do you feel like you’ve learned more about yourself, as an actor, and about the craft of acting, through this whole experience of developing a character over a longer period of time? I just want to do shows because you get to see, over all the seasons, the person grow, and you get to grow with the character.

CHATWIN: You start to meet more of my family members and you see the world of poverty and the world of privilege may wear different exteriors on the outside, but on the inside they’re exactly the same damaged people with the same problems.

They just have different challenges, but it’s the same dynamic. Have you just come to expect anything with this show?

For me, it’s a whole process of learning and growing.

Because there is such an ensemble on this show, are there any actors that you haven’t gotten to work with much yet, that you’d love to be able to do some scenes with?

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Lower classes tend to depend on traditional society norms, where for example, a girl who has turned 18, is seen as the perfect age to be married.

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The Houthis subsequently refused to evacuate the capital as part of a tentative power-sharing agreement, leading Hadi and his cabinet to resign and then flee into exile in early 2015.

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