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There was a guy selling an AF200 with H7 serial saying it was a 97, but I thought it would be 87... lmao So, as I said in a much early thread..about 2 years ago..are you freaks...coming too Australia for the 1st ever Ibanez forum ?I would love to put you all up at my place by the beach here..my invalid mum might get the shits ..time with the greetings..now your here...where's my cofee and a biscuit..on I dare ya to say I take care of a 76 year old Parrot Come on ya bastards , get ya rear into gear can we do this next year at Australis Music in 2006, the 30th anniversary of the end of the Law Suite Era?The older acoustics were made by a Japanese company Called Kato they made the V300 series and a few other ones. The '98 catalog doesn't list the AF200 at all, and those Artstars all had the wide, tulip style headstock. Can you talk more about why the Terrada factory was a disaster?They use the year then month like 8204 (April 1982) W is world this is actually a Korean not Chinsese Company. Was it stupid administrative/business problems or was the quality of the guitars affected?

I have seen several of these on Korean built models from 1987. Steve Interesting diferences between my data and what the Cap'n has presented.This is the masters method..don't even begin to ask why.!This is why you have so many classic guitars in your collection these days. Cappy Steve: Earlier in the thread Daveh said that he had an AS193 that had a Japan serial number. The pictures show that not only does the serial number indicte the Japanese ancestry, but the label inside says so, too. One time when I was shopping, I found this guitar on the Ibanez site, in the Artcore catagory. \image \image Here's one I couldn't find any reference for.As you know, this is the "high rent" Artcore semi-hollow DC.Please enlighten me, if possible.ooops sorry to say that they use the old school Fujigen building techniques..there is a fault...destroy it and start again.

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The following are some of the guidelines on how to meet a rich sugar mommy online. Upload some of your cute photographs that indicate some of the things you love doing.

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Additional pressure to sell securities in commercial real estate was feared as Lehman got closer to liquidating its assets.

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They would then film a ‘Dating Game’ if you will, and the winner and I would then go out on a date. I declined the chance to be on the show citing my brand new job as my main reason, but I also wasn’t completely comfortable with another outlet providing the message that Tall Women can’t get dates. I’m a normal person who happens to be a little taller than most people. For now let’s continue with all of the glorious adjectives that describe me…we’ll also go with the fact that I’m normal, but taller.

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“I just love interacting with women, learning who they are, their likes/dislikes/hopes/dreams/fantasies/turn on/turn offs/what makes them happy/what makes them sad.

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- afin que votre pubis se retrouve en contact avec sa main se balançant en arrière !

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This shows that he involved in social activities too.

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With Christine being a stay at home mom, I had no problem taking the kids for her to get out for some excitement and all around adult time. I had arranged for a car to take them and bring them to Gina’s parent’s house after the night was over since they lived closer to the marina and it would allow them more time together. I recognized them from the previous times you and I were there and they remembered me as well.