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Relative Dating Superposition: The most basic concept used in relative dating is the law of superposition.

Simply stated, each bed in a sequence of sedimentary rocks (or layered volcanic rocks) is younger than the bed below it and older than the bed above it.

Radioactive decay is the process by which a "parent" isotope changes into a "daughter" isotope.

Absolute dating places events or rocks at a specific time.

Another way to date an ash-surrounded rock layer is by identifying the geologic era of the fossils it carries.

Life arose on Earth approximately four and one-half billion years ago.

Layers of volcanic ash are igneous deposits, while layers of rock these deposits surround are usually sedimentary. Igneous intrusions form when magma breaks through a layer of rock from beneath, or lava flows down from above. When igneous intrusion causes newer sedimentary layers to sink into older ones, it's called subsidence.

When they break and engulf chunks of sedimentary rocks, it's called stoping. The original rock layers around subsidence areas are called wall rocks and the layers that xenoliths came from are called parent rocks.

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